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Evergreen Cleaning Company provides quality janitorial services, commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services in Los Angeles & Orange County area over 30 years. We provide the service to commercial, industrial, hospital, school, condo and apartment public-area.

Janitorial services provides a conducive and healthy working environment for employees. As a matter of fact, research undertaken by the Minnesota Department of Health, HLW International LLP, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics and a study published in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine in 2003 all come to the conclusion that a clean office is directly proportional to productivity. Furthermore, a clean office is also good for the overall image and reputation of a company.

The First Step for Janitorial Services

Removing trash is the first step to a clean office, gather all your equipment and supplies including personal protective equipment such as gloves or goggles.

Move through counter clockwise in the work area picking up live trash that is lying around as you go. Be careful not to discard items that may have been left on the floor but are not intended to be thrown away. As you empty the trash cans, check to see if the liners are wet or torn and replace them as needed. Disinfect the trash can, replace the liner with the correct sized bag and return the trash can to its original location.

Separate trash for recycling. This can be made easier by having clearly marked containers. Dispose of trash properly in designated areas to maintain pest control.

Dusting and Wiping for Office Cleaning

The next step to attaining a clean office is to dust. There are many dusting tools that work well. You can use micro fiber dusting cloths, synthetic or lint free wool dusters, feather dusters or dusting attachments found on some vacuum cleaner models. It’s best to use lint free, micro fiber or vacuums for clean office indoor air quality. These methods trap most of the dust instead of making the dust airborne. Always dust high levels first and then work your way down. Make sure all clean office disinfectant solutions are properly diluted. The best way to achieve this is by using a dispensing system. Use disinfectants on high touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches and telephones. Allow disinfectant to dwell before wiping clean so that the germs are killed. Clean office table tops and interior glass.

The Final Step for Commercial Cleaning Services

This is the final step to a clean office. It recommended to have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to for the best results. Wet/dry vacuums can up both dry dirt and liquids. As a safety precaution, always check power cord conditions before using electric equipment. Check to see if the vacuum bag or filter needs to be replaced. Bags should be replaced when they are half full.

Begin by dry vacuuming the entrance way mats then remove them and vacuum underneath as well. Vacuum hallways, elevators and common areas. Vacuum high traffic paths and any visible debris in office areas. Vacuum under trash cans and under furniture. Ensure you return all items to their original position. Also ensure to vacuum air vents. Replace the vacuum bag and check filters at least every two hours and properly dispose all soiled bags.

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