Cleaning Schedule

Daily Janitorial Services

• Vacuum Carpets
• Spot-Clean Carpets
• Polish Drinking Fountains
• Empty and Clean Wastebaskets
• Dust and Damp-Mop All Floors
• Clean Inside and Outside of Elevator
• Spot-Clean Microwaves and Refrigerators
• Clean Sinks, Counters and Kitchen Area
• Remove Smudges from Doors and Door Frames
• Dust and Spot-Clean Desks, Chairs Bookcases, Etc.
• Wash Lobby Glass Doors and Spot-Clean Partition Glass

Weekly Services

• Remove Cobwebs
• Clean Wall Spots
• Clean Stairways and Railings
• Detail Vacuum All Carpets
• Buff Front-Lobby Floor
• Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
• Dust Ledge and Window Sills
• Dust Light Fixtures and Mini-Blinds
• Dust Artificial Flowers and Plants
• Dust Picture Frames and Ceiling Vents
• Perform Low Dusting of Baseboards and Furniture Bases

Monthly Services

• Scrub and Wax All Floors
• Edge-Clean All Carpet Floors
• Steam and Shampoo All Traffic Areas (All the Carpets if Necessary)
• Dust High Partition Ledges, Moldings and Other Surfaces

Restroom Cleaning Services

• Spot Clean Walls
• Clean All Dispensers
• Clean Toilet Bowls and Urinals
• Clean Toilet Seats, Top and Bottom
• Clean All Mirrors, Sinks and Counters
• Clean and Polish All Stainless Steel
• Clean and Disinfect Restroom Floors
• Empty Wastepaper and Sanitary Napkin Containers
• Refill Soap, Paper Towel, Toilet Tissue, and Seat-Cover Dispensers

Restroom Weekly Services

• Clean Air Fan
• Perform High Dusting
• Wash Down Ceramic Tile Walls
• Clean Toilet Compartment Partitions

Restroom Monthly Services

• Scrub and Polish All Floors

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