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Commercial offices should provide a safe and healthy environment for residents and visitors, and commercial cleaning services of common spaces play a critical role. The first step is always to read product and equipment labels and usage instructions. Next, wear recommended protective clothing.

In cleaning is done by janitors and other cleaning staff, they should be provided with annual training on proper commercial cleaning standards. Training should be done in a manner that respects the unique needs of the employee.

Entryways and Lobbies

Entryways are the first line of defense against many contaminants. Thus, special effort should be focused in these areas. Commercial cleaning services should begin outside walkways leading into the facility, especially during intemperate weather. Sweep outside entry walkways daily (weather permitting) with a mechanized sweeper for larger areas or with a wide push broom for smaller ones. Alternately, walkways may be cleaned using a backpack vacuum or blower. Outdoor areas should also be periodically cleaned with a pressurized water hose or a high-pressure power washer.

Dusting, Dust Mopping, and Dry Floor Commercial Cleaning

Traditional dusting and dust mopping techniques frequently move dust and other contaminants from one area to another, such as from a countertop to the floor. It is important to recognize that moving the dust around is more than just an efficiency issue. Dusting and dust mopping activities that do not capture soils frequently stir them into the air where people can inhale the particles, creating a potential health hazard.

For proper commercial cleaning, it is preferable to dust with water-dampened lint-free or untreated microfiber cloths that are neatly folded like a handkerchief to expose multiple sides for absorbing dust, or to use a vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency filters and proper dusting attachments. For tight spots, lambs wool or flexible microfiber dusters are helpful substitutes for feather dusters.

Each pass with a properly treated dust mop helps to remove dirt, dust, and abrasive particles, without leaving the floor dull or slippery.

When cleaning floors, the primary effort in commercial cleaning should be a pollution prevention strategy, or one that minimizes the need to use strong chemicals, scrub, strip and recoat a floor, or extract a carpet. Periodically cleaning underneath floor mats reduces the potential for moisture leading to bacterial and fungal growth.

Carpet Maintenance

The primary effort in commercial cleaning services should be a pollution prevention strategy or one that minimizes the need to extract a carpet. Thus, a specific focus should be on preventative measures, such as; frequently vacuuming entryway mats and entry grating systems and, frequently dust mopping or vacuuming hard floors, especially close to entryways and other sources of particles to reduce tracked soiling on surrounding carpeted areas. Others include:

  • Establishing a specific daily routine for vacuuming and spotting carpets.
  • Establishing an interim commercial cleaning process to address the needs of high traffic areas.


Restrooms: Commercial Cleaning Services

Restrooms should be cleaned frequently using appropriate products because of their heavy use and moisture. Commercial cleaning services must be done thoroughly, including hard-to-reach areas such as behind toilets and around urinals. Periodically, machine-scrub restroom floors with a disinfectant, following the label directions for appropriate dilution and recommended dwell time to enable thorough germ-kill. Dwell time for many disinfectants is from 2 to 5 minutes. Many restroom cleaning products are hazardous, such as drain cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners, although less toxic alternatives are available. Make sure that appropriate personal protective equipment recommended by product manufacturers is used. Never mix chemical products.


Disinfection is particularly important on touch points in restrooms, community rooms, gymnasium and workout areas, and other high-touch locations.

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