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Medical offices or exam rooms are used to examine patients who may or may not have infections or pathogens. To prevent spreading germs between patients, or healthcare providers, medical office cleaning or hospital cleaning is a day-to-day task. Cleaning must be done between patients and after working hours even when you do not know that type of germs they may carry.

Most medical offices are very busy and rooms are needed fast. If the right medical office cleaning isn’t done, germs and pathogens are left behind and can be spread to other patients and healthcare staff. Thus, cleaning is needed when a patient leaves.

Medical office cleaning & hospital cleaning is a two step process, cleaning, and disinfection.

Medical Office Cleaning & Hospital Cleaning

Always start with hand hygiene and rubber gloves. Begin by removing any visible stains from surfaces. This includes removing any soiled sheets, cotton wool, swabs and any other material used to work on the patient. Wipe all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner using disposable napkins. Scrub quickly with a wipe and detergent back and forth at least two or three times on surfaces that are likely or known to be touched by the patient, their friend with them in the room or the healthcare providers. The detergent in the wipe cleans the surfaces.


Chemical disinfectants require what is known as “dwell time” or “surface contact time” to kill germs and pathogens effectively. Most products need to be left to dwell for between two and five minutes in order to kill HIV, Hepatitis, MRSA and many other pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Most products will have a label with usage instructions. Follow them to properly disinfect the medical office once you are done with cleaning. Make sure your disinfectant toilettes are wet enough to leave enough disinfectant on the surface to dwell. once the room is clean and disinfected, replace the exam table paper and you are ready for the next patient.

Cleaning Medical Office Bathrooms

Medical office cleaning & hospital cleaning also involves cleaning bathrooms. Medical offices have high traffic bathrooms that need to be cleaned regularly. Ensure you clean them every hour for very busy offices and at least three times a day for less busy medical offices. However, you must check them often to ensure a patient has not used them inappropriately and made them unusable for other patients. Ensure you maintain a good supply of toilet cleaners and all-purpose cleaners and that you have a good supply of mops, microfiber cloths, and disinfectants.

Cleaning Wheelchairs

Medical office cleaning & hospital cleaning also involves cleaning wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are used to wheel patients from vehicles and ambulances into medical facilities and to shuttle them between various rooms. These wheelchairs get dirty and can be a source of germs and pathogens. They need to be cleaned regularly. To clean a wheelchair, begin by hosing it down with a water hose or pipe. Next, pour some detergent generously on a wet sponge and scrub all surfaces of the wheelchair thoroughly. Next, rinse the soap off with the water hose.

Let the wheelchair sit for a while so that the excess water can drain off. Unless it is raining or snowing, this should be done outside so that the drying process is accelerated. Next, take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the wheelchair once more to make sure it is completely dry. Take some toilettes and apply disinfectant and wipe the wheelchair. Allow two to five minutes dwell time. Some wheelchairs have removable parts. For better cleaning, remove these parts and clean separately then put the wheelchair back together again when you are done.

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