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A janitor for office cleaning services is the caretaker of an office building and is essentially has the responsibility of ensuring the building stays clean for the occupants. The cleanliness of an office makes a powerful first impression on guests. Janitors must make sure it is a professional, warm and an inviting one by following these janitorial cleaning procedures.

Daily Office Cleaning Services

For daily office cleaning services, you will remove debris and trash from the lobby area and all offices. As you approach a trash can, look around the area for obvious trash on the floor or underneath the desk. Be sure to pick up any big pieces on the floor and throw them away. When you are done with an area, replace the trash can in the proper place and push the chair up to the desk.

If you know you will be vacuuming under desk areas later, you may want to pull the trash can and chair from underneath the desk and then put the trash can back and push the chair up to the desk when you finish vacuuming. When removing trash from offices, you may come across boxes or items that look like trash but haven’t been marked as trash. Be sure that people know that unless they mark items as trash, they won’t be thrown away.

Dust mop tiled areas. Spot clean doors and walls with all-purpose cleaners or degreasers. And, use a spot remover to rid carpets of any stains or spillage.

You will also clean the restrooms on a daily basis. When cleaning toilets, wipe the top of the seat, the backside around the connections, the underside of the seat and all around the bowl. Leave the seats up on the toilets when finished cleaning. Clean all mirrors in the restrooms using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Pay special attention to the lower portion of the mirror as this is the area that is often splashed with water spots. Double check for spots and streaks. Polish the faucets and stainless steel dispensers making sure there are no streaks or spots.

Weekly Office Cleaning Services

In your weekly cleaning procedures, give the floors nice and shiny by buffing.

Always begin by mopping the corners and edges first and then filling in the open areas by using a figure eight pattern turning the mop over as one side gets soiled and re-rinsing the mop head as needed. Move to the next area and follow the same procedure.

Spot clean glass windows to remove smudges. Dust furniture and vacuum walk off mats and traffic lanes. Burnish or buff tiled areas to make them shine.

Monthly Office Cleaning Services

Monthly office cleaning services include wiping down baseboards and walls to remove cobwebs, spills, and dust. Vacuum and dust wall hangings, heating vents and mats. And, clean all windows completely to remove marks and dust.

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